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Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration In Phoenix Arizona

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We are always ready and on call with the most up to date industry water damage restoration equipment to serve all of your needs. We guarantee that no one will get to your location faster than we can unless they are next door. We have an amazing 2 hour or less response time and we are always on 24 hours emergency response.

Residential Water Damage

If water is running freely in your home, please dont wait to call and get our help before the damage gets any worse. Call our 24 hour hotline for immediate response.
(480) 262-2087

Most people are worried about the carpet or flooring water is soaking into, but did you know the majority of the damage water inflicts is inside the walls of your home? Drywall is a material that is created wet and as a result, soaks up water like a sponge.

Don’t hesitate to call us when you find water damaging your home, we are trained to seek it out and dry it, no matter how much damage there is. Delay can only worsen and weaken the drywall, below is some pictures of just how bad it can be if water is allowed to sit in your walls.

Sewage and Water Extraction

We have handled everything from toilet overflows, to pumping out 5000 gallons out of underground man tunnels. If you need extraction, we can get the job done.

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It has been our priority to obtain the best extraction equipment available in our industry. No matter what you need, we have the tools to get the job done right.

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Commercial and Industrial Drying

When you have water damage at your place of business it is easy to become frantic with the worry of such a hazard effecting your ability to run your business. Rest easy knowing that we are experienced professionals who have handled everything from full 11 story floods, to Churches, to Strip Malls. You can trust us to get your business up and running again as fast as possible.

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Service Area

We offer water damage restoration in the following cities in Arizona:
Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Glendale, Ahwatukee, Surprise, Peoria, Goodyear